Conference Chief Executive

Master Sing-kuang Shih

Professional title:
Dean of Buddhist Hongshi College, Assistant professor of Department of Religious Studies, Hsuan Chuang University

Brief introduction:
Master Sing-kuang was born in Chiayi county of Taiwan in 1962 and graduated with Doctor of Philosophy qualification from the National Central University, Taiwan. By taking monastic vows, Master Sing-kuang was tonsured in 1982. Deeply influenced by the teaching of Venerable Yin Shun, she learned under Master Chao-hwei, with whom she was greatly engaged in Buddhist apologetic activities and social movements. In 1986, Master Sin-kuang co-founded the Buddhist Hongshi Association and began to teach The Way to Buddhahood, a monumental treatise by Venerable Yin Shun. Her inspirational teaching put great emphasis on assimilating and actualizing the Buddhist experience of enlightenment; she also guided students to participate in Buddhist apologetic activities and all services for the public. Since 1993, Master Sing-kuang has restructured the association into educational institute and has been appointed as Dean of Buddhist Hongshi College. In 1992, she founded a magazine known as Hongshi Bimonthly and served as the president. This ideological publication has attracted much attention from the Chinese Buddhist communities, both at home and abroad. In 1999, Master Sing-kuang was assigned as the 3rd Chairperson of Life Conservationist Association and re-elected one year later for one term. Since August 2000, Master Sing-kuang has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and the Center for General Education at Hsuan Chuang University; since August 2010, she has taught as Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Soochow University. In September 2008, when Master Sing-kuang was still Adjunct Instructor of philosophy at Soochow University, she was awarded for her outstanding teaching.

Expertise and research areas:
Original Buddhism, theory and practice of meditation, Tiantai Buddhism, religious studies, epistemology, ethics, life education, etc.

More than 10 dissertations relating to the studies of religions and meditation.

List of Published Books:
Meditation theory in Humanistic Buddhism and its contemporary practices (《人間佛教禪法及其當代實踐》), Practices o?amatha-Vipa?yan? and caring for the world (《禪觀修持與人間關懷》), Enlighten the way-records of dharma talks during the 7- day meditation retreat (《燃燈引路—禪七開示錄》), A detailed exploration of ?complete and immediate practice of concentration and contemplation (《圓頓止觀探微》), which is an enlarged revision of Master Sing-kuang's PhD thesis:A study on Venerable Zhi-yi’s complete and immediate practice of concentration and contemplation (《天台智顗大師圓頓止觀研究》), Analytic table of verses for The Ways to Buddhahood (《〈成佛之道偈頌〉科判表》), co-author with Master Chao-Hwei.




Department of Religious Studies, Hsuan Chuang University

Life Conservationist Association

HongShi Buddhist Cultural and Educational Foundation


Ministry of Science and Technology,Republic of China

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Hsuan Chuang University


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