Internal Conflicts and Changes of Feng Zikai’s Thoughts on Animal Protection (Jin-song Jiang)


As one of the favorite students of eminent monk Master Hongyi and the author of Album of Animal protection, Feng Zikai’s thoughts on animal protection are generally regarded as one of the fundamental theories of Buddhism. However, upon further study of his works, we find that Feng Zikai’s thoughts on animal protection are very complicated. They are not only deeply influenced by Buddhism, but also embrace typical Confucian ideas. His thoughts on animal protection clearly show an evolving process, which is worthy of further clarification. Only in this way can we have an insightful understanding of the similarities and differences between Buddhism and Confucianism and improve the development of animal protection ideas using the thoughts of both of philosophies. Key words: Feng Zikai,  Buddhism , animal protection,Confucianism,lbum of Animal protection



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