From Environmental Justice to Ecological Justice (Ms. Huei-ying Shih)

As for the current study of environmental protection, environmental justice is a very important question. In recent years, with the flourishing development of the environmental social movement, people have begun applying the concept of justice, which embodies the spirit of fairness, to environmental issues, especially during environmental protests. People have also attempted to link the concepts of “environment” and “justice” by proposing the “environmental justice movement” .This movement applies justice to combat various unjust actions that use unequal methods to allocate environment benefits and burdens. However, although ancient, the understanding and interpretations of justice throughout the history of ideas remain divergent. “Environmental justice” continues to blurt his concept. Although various studies concerning environmental justice have been conducted, none have clarified the meaning of justice in environmental justice. In the long term, environmental justice will become a rhetorical function of exaggerated decoration; it cannot be an academic concept of environment with genuine demand connotations that can withstand tests.

What connotations does the “justice” in environmental justice ultimately have? Is it a legally concept in the field of justice? Is environmental justice equivalent to ecological justice? Do people who advocate environmental justice and ecological justice understand the concept of “justice” in the same way? Is environmental justice, which involves the distribution of environmental benefits and burdens among various groups, equal to ecological justice, which focuses on the integrity of the natural world? What is their relationship? This paper has two purposes: (a) to clarify the meaning of the concept of environmental justice and ecological justice; (b) to explore the possibility of ecological justice?

Keywords: justice, Environmental Justice, Ecological Justice





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