Research into Animal Ethics in Lao-Tzu's thought(Ms. Hui-ling Wu)
Many ethicists concern animal ethics and a lot of studies under the topic of “animal ethics” nowadays. But only few of them explore animal ethics and animal rights from the Daoism’s point of view. In this paper I attempt to respond the issues of contemporary animal ethics in term of Lao-tzu’s philosophy. Firstly, Lao-Tzu provided a mode of “positive” and “reverse” coexist, with which we can across the confrontation between anthropocentrism and the excessive emphasis on animal rights. Secondly, according to Lao-Tzu thought that everything has differences, therefore, this thought proposes that we should respect every individual. Finally, according to Lao Tzu’s saying “Wu-wei” which contributes a new viewpoint that human beings should learn to respect for animals, and should not oppress animal maliciously, as a result, human beings and animals can live together peacefully and harmoniously.





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