A Philosophical Discourse of the Daoism Eco-Ethics  (Mr. Chin-mu Lin)
Both of Daoism and Confucian are the Chinese cultural peaks, for the traditional intellects’ living attitude, not only purify the function of individual temperament, but also decide their cultural depth. According to this reason, the purpose of this paper is focusing on its’ structure of Daoism theory about eco-ethics. Then, within the context of Daoist thoughts, there not only describes the individual body-mind practical cultivation, but also points out the significant meanings of its’ ecological protection. And, this is the very difference between Daoism and the other pre-Chin’s scholars. Therefore, the content of this paper has two main discoursing clues, one is about the environmental thought of Lao-Tzu, and the other is concerning the eco-aesthetics of Chuang-Tzu.



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