Conference Program ( Day 1 )

Saturday, April 26, 2014
7: 30~8:30 Registration
8:30~9:30 Opening Ceremony & Welcome Remarks
9:30~10:00 Group Photos and Break

Keynote Speech( I )

Tzu Yun Hall
 Jien-ming Jue

Keynote SpeakerPeter Singer
         Animal Liberation: Past, Present and Future

Keynote Speech( II )

Tzu Yun Hall
 Jien-ming Jue

Keynote SpeakerTom Regan
         Animal Rights: What They Are, and Why They Matter
12:00~13:00 Lunch Break

Special Lectures
Perspectives & Strategies on Animal Protection in View of Zoonotic Diseases

Tzu Yun Hall
Ching-yu Yang

Special GuestJörg Luy
        Can the Killing of Animals for Disease Control Purposes
        be Ethically Acceptable?

        How the Use of Mandatory Preconditions Mitigates
        Public Concerns in German-speaking Countries

Special GuestJason Lih-seng Yeh                                                                 
        Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, yet into an
        even Darker Future?
the Stray Animal Problem under
        the Threat of Rabies in Taiwan

Special Guest:Joyce D’Silva
        Ethical and Practical Issues regarding Animal Disease,
        Mass Culling and Human Health

14:30~14:50 Break

Animal Rights and Equal Ecological RightsDialogues between Eastern and Western Religions and Philosophies

Tzu Yun Hall
 Po-lang Tsai

SpeakerChao-hwei Shih
      'Without Veering to the Two Extremes, the Buddha Expounds
      the Teaching of the Middle Path’: A Response to the Land
      Ethic of Environmental Holism and the Buddhist Viewpoints
      Within (I)

SpeakerMarcus Günzel
      On the Function of Ecological Communication in the Religious

SpeakerWei Chen
      The Poet Laureate of Deep Ecology Gary Snyder and His
      Animal Ethics

Symposium (I)
Ecological Ethics

Saint Yin Hall
Chao-shun Kuo

SpeakerChin-mu Lin
      A Philosophical Discourse of the Daoist Eco-Ethics
SpeakerWei-yi Cheng
      Does Buddhism Offer Holistic Ecological Discourse ?— the case
      of Tzu Chi in Taiwan

16:20~16:30 Break

Symposium (II)
Buddhist NGO Movement in Environmental Conservation and Animal Protection

Tzu Yun Hall
Shui-chuen Lee

SpeakerDhammachari Lokamitra
      Buddhism, Untouchability, and Non-violence Towards Animals in       India
SpeakerSomboon Chungprampree       
      Ecological and Organic Food Movement in Thailand and
      Mekong Sub-region

SpeakerDoris Li-wen Chang
      Twenty-one Years of Animal Protection in Taiwan: A Case Study
      Tof LCA

Animal Rights
Movement I

Saint Yin Hall
Georg Gesk

SpeakerKwang-ming Liu
      A Review of Shark Conservation and Management in Taiwan
SpeakerJu-yin Chen
      Legal Perspective and Efforts on Animal Right from Consumers’
      Foundation (CFCT)

SpeakerTsung-hsun Ho
      Animal Protection Movement to a Real Civil Society Taking
      Zero Euthanasia in Shelters for Example

18:00~ Dinner


Conference Program ( Day 2 )

Sunday, April 27, 2014
07:30~08:30 Registration

Keynote Speech ( III )

Tzu Yun Hall
Jenn-bang Shiau

Keynote SpeakerSulak Sivaraksa
         Buddhism and Environmental Movement in Thailand

09:30~09:50 Break

Animal Rights and Equal Ecological Rights – Dialogues between Eastern and Western Philosophies

Tzu Yun Hall
Hai-yen Yeh

SpeakerJean-Luc Guichet       
      The Animal Solitude of Contemporary Man
SpeakerJin-song Jiang   
      Internal Conflicts and Changes of Feng Zikai’s Thoughts on
      Animal Protection

SpeakerShui-chuen Lee  
      On Nussbaum’s Theory of Justice and Animal Capabilities:
      A Confucian Evaluation and Response

Symposium (III)
Environmental Justice

Saint Yin Hall
Yih-ren Lin

SpeakerYun-shi Huang
      Analysis of the Problem of Illegally Built Temples in
      Yangmingshan National Park

SpeakerHuei-ying Shih
      From Environmental Justice to Ecological Justice
SpeakerNancy Tzu-mei Chen
      A Story of Participating in the Pursuit of Eco-justice – Based on
      the Study of Land Ethic and the Practice of Simple Life

11:20~11:30 Break

Symposium (IV)
Animal Rights Movement II:
Legal Protection
in Singapore and Taiwan

Tzu Yun Hall
Rong-chi Chen

SpeakerAlvin Wei-liang See
      Issues and Challenges in the Protection of Animals from Cruelty:
     The Singapore Experience

SpeakerKuang-ping Wu
      The Crisis and the Turning Point of Taiwan's Animal Protection

Animal Ethics

Saint Yin Hall
Kun-hung Hou

SpeakerChien-te Lin
      "Anthropocentricity" and "Equality of All Sentient Beings": Animal       Protection from Ven. Yinshun’s "Humanistic Buddhism" Point of       View
SpeakerHsuan-ju Wang 
      On Martha C. Nussbaum’s View of the Theory of Animal Justice

12:30~13:30 Lunch Break

Symposium (V)
Animal Rights Movement III:
 Asian Experiences

Tzu Yun Hall
Chang-ter Chang

SpeakerShusuke Sato
      General Attitude toward Animals in Japan
SpeakerAzizan Baharuddin
      The Animal Welfare Act in Malaysia: Synergising Religious Ethics
      and Science Capacities in the Care of Animal Testing in Malaysia

Speaker:Chao-cheng Lin
      The Animal Liberation and the Action of Life Protection:
      Discussion from the Standpoint of the Life Conservationist

Symposium (V)
Animal Protection:
Ethics into Actions

Saint Yin Hall
Jack Lee

SpeakerChuang-hsien Wu
      How to Ease up Ungovernability in Moral Dispute?--An
      Experience Applying Q Methodology to Companion Animal
      Protection Policy Dispute

SpeakerHui-ling Wu
      Research into Animal Ethics in Lao-Tzu's Thought
SpeakerHsin-wen Chang
      Ethical Issues on Genetically Modified Organisms: Bioethical

15:00~15:20 Break

Special Issue Roundtable

Tzu Yun Hall
Sechin Yeong-shyang Chien

TopicThe Animal Protection and the Strategy to Counter Zoonotic

Speakers:Tom Regan, Peter Singer, Sulak Sivaraksa, Der-zen Liu,
      Jörg Luy, I-feng Yen, Kurtis Jai-chyi Pei, Jeff Zun-guo Zhou,
      Chao-hwei Shih
17:50~18:00 Closing Ceremony

Time Allotments
Keynote speech: Presentation time 50 minutes for each speaker + Q&A session 10 minutes
Special lecture: Presentation time 25 minutes X 3 + moderating time 5 minutes + Q&A session 10 minutes = 90 minutes
Paper presentation:
For the panel with 2 speakers, presentation time 20 minutes X 2 + moderating & feedback time 10 minutes + Q&A session 10 minutes = 60 minutes For the panel with 3 speakers, presentation time 20 minutes X 3 + moderating & feedback time 15 minutes + Q&A session 15 minutes = 90 minutes
Moderating time 5 minutes + each speaker 10 minutes + interactive discussion and ideas exchange 50 minutes + conclusion by the moderator 5 minutes. This forum is not open to audience questions.


Department of Religious Studies, Hsuan Chuang University

Life Conservationist Association

HongShi Buddhist Cultural and Educational Foundation


Ministry of Science and Technology,Republic of China

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C.

Ministry of Education, R.O.C.

Hsuan Chuang University


Hsuan Chuang University Research Center For Applied Ethics

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