Prof. Jorg Luy

Prof. Dr. Jorg Luy is founder and head of the Private Research and Consulting Institute for Applied Ethics and Animal Protection INSTET in Berlin. With a background in philosophy (M.A.) and veterinary medicine (specialist in animal welfare) he also serves as Animal Welfare Officer of the Veterinary Faculty of the Freie Universitat Berlin, where he was Junior professor at the Institute of Animal Welfare and Animal Behavior between 2004 and 2010. From 2005 to 2011 he was member of the animal experimentation committee of the city of Berlin.

His research interest in normative animal protection issues emerged when he worked on his 1998 published doctoral thesis The Question of Killing in Animal Ethics. Later he co-directed a project on criteria and limits of justifiable animal experimentation for the German Ministry of Education and Research. For the European Union he analysed political options for religious slaughter in the EU-wide (Israel and Turkey included) DIALREL project (Dialogue on issues of Religious Slaughter). And for the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) he helped establishing a European Code of Conduct. In several projects he dealt with ethical and political aspects of livestock issues.

For his “scientific work and his forceful advocacy for the animal’s freedom from fear, pain and distress” he was awarded the Dr. Wilma von During Research Prize 2003.

Main publications of Prof. Dr. Jorg Luy include: Tierschutz bei der religiosen Schlachtung / Animal Welfare at Religious Slaughter, The question of a right to life in animal ethics, Performance-related health disorders in farm animals--the ethical dimension, The ethical minimum of animal protection- one of the effects of the German national objective "Ethical Animal Protection" on the legislature, etc.




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