Local Invited Speakers

Jason, Lih-Seng Yeh

Professional title
Professor, Institute of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, National Taiwan University

Brief introduction
Dr. Jason Lih-Seng Yeh is currently a professor of Institute of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, National Taiwan University (NTU). He received his DVM, master and PhD degrees from the same university, and has been served as internal medicine veterinarian, surgeon, and attending surgeon of NTU, visiting scholar and comparative transplantation laboratory associate specialist of Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences of University of California, Davis. In NTU, he was served as the chairman of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Chief of Surgery of Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and the founder / director of Institute of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Dr. Yeh has been teaching veterinary surgery for over 20 years, was awarded many times for his contribution of teaching, servicing and research. He was also the primary drafter of Animal Protection Act of Taiwan. Dr. Yeh’s academic interests include animal welfare issues, transplantation immunology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, and orthopedics.


Department of Religious Studies, Hsuan Chuang University

Life Conservationist Association

HongShi Buddhist Cultural and Educational Foundation


Ministry of Science and Technology,Republic of China

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C.

Ministry of Education, R.O.C.

Hsuan Chuang University


Hsuan Chuang University Research Center For Applied Ethics

Buddhist HongShi College